Dandelion Salad


June is the perfect time to gather wild-spring greens and use them to make delicious camp-side meals. One of the best is the common dandelion which grows along every roadside and in most meadows throughout BC. It’s bright-yellow composite flower head and sharply toothed lance- shaped leaves are unmistakable and who best to set you straight on how to prepare dandelion than my Greek barber - Dino. It’s his favorite salad green and now - one of mine. Harvest the youngest leaves you can, but don’t pass up larger leaves especially those that lack open flower heads. In a pinch, use what you can get. Dandelion has a slightly bitter, some-what sharp, excellent taste. Dino’s salad dressing is simple: olive oil, lemon and a good pinch of Greek Oregano. My version includes a fist full of  Greek Goat feta cheese and of course a good mix of kalamata and black greek olives.  Dandelion stores beautifully, pick a good amount, and use it throughout the trip.


Dino’s Greek Dandelion Salad

This tailgate meal:

  1. 1.Dino’s Dandelion Salad

  2. 2.T-bone Venison Steaks

  3. 3.Instant Idahoan Potato

  4. 4.Thai Oolong Green Tea

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