Clean Energy 2008 Denali Expedition  On June 2, expedition leader Vince Poulin reached the summit of Denali (20,322’), North America’s highest mountain after 15-hours of challenging climbing. Clean Energy is the first known team to reach the summit with a carbon neutral footprint.Denali_2008.htmlVA_Poulin_Ltd._files/Clean%20Energy%202008%20Denali%20Expedition%20.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0
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V.A. Poulin & Associates Ltd. provides surveys, assessments, and consultation on all aspects of land, water and vegetation resource management. Areas of specialization include ecosystem restoration, water management and erosion control, fish passage, stream classification, training and extension. Vince Poulin, senior biologist is a registered professional biologist and qualified environmental professional. Current projects feature stream and wetland classification training and restoration of parklands and municipal greenbelts.

“Do it Now”, learn survival skills and stay safe in the mountains. Hikers venturing into Vancouver’s coastal mountains are offered a 1-day course on safe mountain travel. Learn how to use an ice axe, crampons, snowshoes and trekking poles. International clients are invited to attend a high mountain survival camp for a complete course in mountain travel.