Wild Mustard and Balsam Salad


Here’s a version of Dino’s Greek salad with different wild plants. The primary ingredient is wild mustard with balsamroot added to excite the taste buds. Leave the balsamroot for the gophers if you don’t like the taste of Retsina, a marvelous, unique, resin-flavoured Greek wine. Wild mustard is an introduced weed species found throughout the Okanagan, be sure to gather it before driving too far north. It stores well, so fill a few bags, it is, as they say in Thailand, “Aroy maak maak” - delicious. As per dandelion salad add olive oil and a squeeze of lemon then toss lightly. Salt to taste. Elegant and quite fantastic.

Dino’s Greek Salad gone Wild

This tailgate meal:

  1. 1.Mustard Salad

  2. 2.Pan Fried Trout

  3. 3.Instant Idahoan Potato

  4. 4.Kernel corn

  5. 5.Oolong Green Tea

mustard leaves http://linnet.geog.ubc.ca/ShowDBImage/ShowStandard.aspx?index=26671

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